Flyer templates can help you make good-looking flyers very easily. Flyers are used for informing people about products, events, and services.

This is an easy, simple and inexpensive advertising method. Flyers are used by small businesses, educational institutions, corporate entities, restaurants, nightclubs, and individuals who want to make some information public.

Flyers are usually single-page leaflets, ideal for direct marketing and mass communication.

The distribution of flyers can be done in several ways, from handing them out on the streets to pasting them on telephone poles, walls and notice boards. Flyers are also distributed in retail stores, restaurants and other public places. Companies may use the services of local newspapers to have the flyers distributed along with the newspapers.

Professional flyers are usually produced by print agencies; however, anyone can create a flyer, if he/she has a computer and creativity. Flyer templates make it much easier for people to create their own flyers without having to use the services of print agencies (that can be very pricey, depending on the number of copies, quality of paper and design).

Websites that Offer Free Flyer Templates

Free flyer templates are perfect for individuals who don’t have enough time, money or skills to design their own flyers. You can find several web services (including that offer a wide array of flyers for events, real estate and everything you can think of.

Microsoft’s templates are formatted with Word, Publisher and PowerPoint; the templates are fairly simple and require minimal efforts to create professional-looking flyers. To download a template, select the category you want to use and click on the link for the chosen template. You will see the Download button; click the button and the template will open on your screen. Customize the template and just click “save”. is another great website where you can find flyers, edit them and print them.

Royalty-free flyer templates are available on which offers high-resolution templates with stock photo images and illustrations. Some of their template themes include Baby Airport, Abstract Design, Christmas Holiday, Fitness, Finance and Money, and Back to School. provides free flyer templates for Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application created by Adobe Systems. It is used for professional graphic designs. has created free sample flyer templates using Adobe Illustrator. They have a great library of flyer templates, but not all of their flyers are free.

If you can’t print your flyers, you can find printing services on the Internet. Contact one of these companies, ask about the price, and send them your design. Most of these companies can deliver flyers to your home address.

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